Brand introduction

JHS Brand


JHS brand is Dongguan JHS company to give full play to industrial technology advantages, for the field of environmental electrical original brand.


"J" stands for JOY; "H" stands for HEALTH; "S" stands for SAFE; Meaning for the public to bring "healthy, happy, safe" life; JHS is also a combination of Kim Hongsheng's initials.


JHS, as the world's leading brand of environmental electrical appliances, is the world's leading mobile air conditioner, quality best-selling in 50 countries around the world, a year's production and sales of nearly 2 million units, has always been the global leader in environmental electrical appliances.


      JHS, Designed for You to "Adjust more Beautiful life"!









JHS brand IP image -- Joe


Joe is an IP image specially created for JHS brand, nicknamed "Lanjinling", which is based on the tonality of JHS brand "fashion technology, interactive future".


Arjoe evolved from a playful anthropomorphic elf with a sense of technology, a sense of technology and the future, but also highlights a cute personality.


The appearance of Joe makes the communication between JHS brand and consumers more amiable and sticky, and also makes the interaction between JHS brand and consumers more in-depth and diversified.